BSc (Biol), NMD, DHANP             a unique blend of naturopathic medicine and the expressive arts

                                                                            specializing in PTSD, anxiety, autoimmune and addiction

The Art of Good Health welcomes you!


Ready to make the commitment to great health on all levels, naturally?


Dr. Heather can help you get to the root of your health condition and heal thorough a mind-body approach, connecting the dots between the physical and the psychological for true holistic healing.


Dr. Heather - graduate of Dalhousie University (BSc Biology) and Bastyr University (ND) when it was John Bastyr College of Naturopathic Medicine - is also board certified in Classical Homeopathy. (DHANP) Trained as a primary care physician, she was first licensed in Washington state and then British Columbia (#50!) before coming to California (NDF-132).


For thirty years she has specialized in women’s health, mental health including PTSD - thanks to the Vancouver Archdiocese, and autoimmune disorders. Healing herself of Graves Disease she realized the extraordinary potential each of us has to heal ourselves naturally if we have the knowledge and motivation.


Dr. Heather’s tool kit includes Classical and acute Homeopathy, Botanical medicine (herbs) including bio-identical hormones, Clinical Nutrition and Counseling with various body-mind techniques. She offers private consultations and house calls.


Also a writer (the novels Flawed, and the upcoming The Sting of Absence, librettos for The Calling Hour and Meshugeneh, The Musical, and numerous essays), her retreat Moving to Healing offers you a chance to explore the expressive arts, to heal while having fun, keeping it interesting!


Watch this space for the release of her first non-fiction work:


1) Surviving a Super Influenza Virus, Naturally


2) Healing PTSD - and other challenging conditions - with Naturopathic Medicine and the Expressive Arts


In the meantime please enjoy the one act radio plays, podcasts and the blogs!


For more information on naturopathic medicine, check out CNDA.org (state association) and AANP (naturopathic.org) - national association

Also an Essay on Graves Disease

From Townsend Letter Best of Naturopathic Medicine 2015

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Fall 2017

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