DR HEATHER HERINGTON BSc (Biol), NMD, DHANP a unique blend of naturopathic medicine and the expressive arts specializing in PTSD/trauma, autoimmune and addiction

I am excited to announce that my radio play podcast series based on my upcoming books, Surviving and Preventing Serious Consequences in an Influenza Epidemic using Naturopathic Medicine and Transforming Trauma, a drugless and creative path, was launched January 4, 2020. It starts with five episodes on Influenza and the possibility of an epidemic that may be as severe as 1918 – 50 million dead, with top people in the field to keep us informed, safe and healthy. See the line up below.


New episodes Saturdays @ 4pm.

Coming soon - Surviving a Viral Epidemic - The Naturopathic Approach.

A new book by Dr Heather and Dr Alec's (see Episode 1)

April  19

Episode 15

Chronic Illnesses

with Dr Debby Hamilton MD


Long time integrated pediatrician Dr Debby Hamilton focuses on chronic illness and has lots to say about that and keeping well during this time of Covid-19. Both Ethel, from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and Sylvie, from Quebec, make an appearance.






April  6

Episode 14

Integrated Osteopathy

with Dr. Heather Herington & Dr. Sherri Tenpenny


Dr. Heather Herington talks with internationally known integrated osteopathic physician, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.