DR HEATHER HERINGTON BSc (Biol), NMD, DHANP a unique blend of naturopathic medicine and the expressive arts specializing in PTSD/trauma, autoimmune and addiction

I am excited to announce that my radio play podcast series based on my upcoming books, Surviving and Preventing Serious Consequences in an Influenza Epidemic using Naturopathic Medicine and Transforming Trauma, a drugless and creative path, was launched January 4, 2020. It starts with five episodes on Influenza and the possibility of an epidemic that may be as severe as 1918 – 50 million dead, with top people in the field to keep us informed, safe and healthy. See the line up below.


New episodes Saturdays @ 4pm.

February 1

Episode 6

Outing the CDC Whistleblower

with Dr. Brian Hooker


Dr. Brian Hooker. Professor of biology and science advisor for Focus for Health (focusforhealth.org), Dr. Hooker is the father of a severely autistic son injured by the MMR vaccine. He has spent the last twenty years exposing the truth including outing CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson.



February 8

Episode 7
Intergenerational Trauma
with Renée Friedman

Renée Friedman. This episode focuses on the story of a woman whose father survived Auschwitz. Renée shares difficult childhood experiences and what transpired in order to break the damaging cycle with her own daughter.


February 15

Episode 8
Are Vaccines Crippling the Animals We Love?
with Marcie Fallek, DVM

Marcie Fallek, DVM is a holistic veterinarian with practices in NYC and Connecticut. Her love of animals and search for truth led her to the holistic path. On her journey of over 32 years she has seen how vaccines are crippling and killing the animals we love. She exposes the climate surrounding this issue.


February 22

Episode 9
A Voice for Choice
with Christina Hildebrand

Christina Hildebrand, founder and president of A Voice for Choice, educates people to be fully informed about what goes into our bodies - food, pharmaceuticals, environmental toxins - and our right to make informed choices with this knowledge. She is presently working on a California bill that will mandate ingredients on the packaging of menstrual pads.

February 29

Episode 10
Immune Systems Aplenty
with Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. With four degrees from MIT, Dr. Shiva has retained his roots from rural India where his grandmother was a healer in creating health systems that acknowledge the many immune systems we have, not just the adaptive humoral that vaccine manufacturers exploit.