BSc (Biol), NMD, DHANP             a unique blend of naturopathic medicine and the expressive arts

                                                                            specializing in PTSD, anxiety, autoimmune and addiction

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"A master teacher!!" CNDA webinar attendee


November 2016          California Naturopathic Doctors Association - pharmacy webinar

                                         “PTSD-A Holistic Approach”


May 2015                   Sherman Oaks storefront

                                         “Surviving an Influenza Supervirus”


October 2011               LGBT Center, Hollywood, CA

                                           “Menopause: Making It An Experience You Want To Remember”


February 2010             Voice America Radio

                                            “Overcoming Infertility Naturally”


September 2008         Sherman Oaks Library, Sherman Oaks, CA

                                          “Treating Migraines Naturally”


April 2002                   Indigo/Chapters; Healing series, Vancouver BC

                                          “Psychological Aspects of Healing”


October 1999             Hycroft Wellness, Vancouver, B.C.

                                          “Natural Treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder” and

                                          “The 35 Day Cleansing and Rejuvenation Program”


March 1996               The Wellness Show, Vancouver, B.C.

                                         “Psychological Aspects of Healing”


November 1994         Life TV Network

                                          “Immunity for Women”


October 1993            What On Earth, CBC Television

                                        “Creativity and the Healing Process”


April 1993                  Naturopathic Health Forum, Vancouver, B.C.

                                         “Psychological Causes of Healing”


July 1992                   Vancouver General Hospital Intestinal Research Group

                                         “Psychological Aspect of Healing”


May 1992                  Northwest Convention of Naturopathic Physicians

                                         “Creativity and the Healing Process”


April 1992                 Life Skills, Plaza of Nations, Vancouver, B.C.

                                          “The Naturopathic Approach to Women’s Health”


February 1992           Health Action Network Women’s Health Day, Vancouver

                                          “Women’s Health Care -- A Naturopathic Approach”


 September 1991         North American Convention of Naturopathic Physicians

                                       “Therapeutic Triage in Sexual Abuse Survivors”



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"Dr Herington is a wealth of information and I loved listening to her. I also loved her notes. Very thorough. I didn’t need to take my own. I just sat back and was able to fully take in the information. I would love to hear more of her wisdom. Please bring her back!"

CNDA webinar attendee