Toxins in our world, in our body: a nutshell of what to do

Environmental toxins are so annoying. It seems the more you know the more frustrating it can be to get rid of them. Especially when you hear on the news that municipal water is full of lead or a river has been contaminated with copper and arsenic. It’s taken a long time for the conventional medical community to get that there is a connection between toxins and disease. And although we should be cleaning up our rivers and oceans at the same time, we must have a personal plan to reduces our exposures and maximizes our body’s ability to detox. I have been detoxing patients (and myself) for over thirty years through my 35 Day Detoxification and Rejuvenation Program. There are many detox protocols but the bottom line is you must target the major detoxification organs – liver, kidneys, skin – which will have an effect on your entire body perhaps most importantly your thyroid, the master (mistress?) regulator of the body. (The thyroid has an affinity for heavy metals especially if levels of iodine, selenium and zinc are low.) I have seen people’s health issues disappear by a thorough detox program that includes a vegan diet, botanical medicine, colonics, hydrotherapy, and nutritional supplementation. But first get tested…I use ARL lab for hair and Doctor’s Data that uses a 24 hour urine, and Great Plains Labs for pesticides. Personally I have discovered mercury, lead, thallium, arsenic through these test). Once you know what you are dealing with then you can add nutritional supplements to use. Your naturopathic doctor is trained to help you. It’s worth the time and money to do this right. But for now, here’s what to do in a nutshell: Check your cosmetics and cleaning products.This is so important. Get tested. I suggest the following to do daily, especially if you live in a urban environment. Infrared sauna 15 minutes, trampoline 3 – 5 minutes (get your lymph system going, it’s the garbage disposal of the body), drink only filtered alkaline water, eat only organic foods. Drink organic teas like nettle, dandelion root, tulsi, ginger…eat raw garlic, add turmeric to your pesto etc One last thing I want to emphasize and this is mas importante! Check your emotional state! If you are stressed your adrenals can become fatigued and when that happens the receptors in your adrenals for some reason have a higher affinity for heavy metals. And if you need more information, think about attending my workshops and retreats…one stop shopping with state of the art info on thyroid, nutrition, detox protocols, the expressive arts (particularly good at clearing away yucky memories, this stuck psychological energy may be impacting your physical reality). And if you can’t attend personally check out my radio play on healing Graves Disease or read the essay there from Townsend Letter Best of Naturopathic Medicine 2015…lots of tips..check my other podcasts and essays and keep checking back to this blog. Feel free to leave suggestions so I can address your top health concern. I want to help you feel awesome, especially now in these crazy, annoying and anxiety-inducing times. And if nothing else kiss a tree, a flower, each other. We will get through this.