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Dr. Heather goes right to the core of the issue, condition or disease by first balancing the biochemistry naturally, particularly the gut and brain, and then seeks to incorporate the expressive arts in treatment to tell or revise the story, using the right brain to lead the way. This approach has been successful for challenging health situations for over 35 years. 

A 1987 graduate of Bastyr University, she is board certified in Classical Homeopathy as well as a writer (with her late husband, Avi Gross) of musicals and novels. Combining her knowledge and talents she offers a truly revolutionary approach to healing deeply that includes maintaining curiosity for your uniqueness. Whether you or a loved one is facing addiction, an autoimmune disease, emotional trauma, gender dysphoria or anything else she can help get to the root of the situation and begin the path to well-being.

Contracted by the Archdiocese of Vancouver for treating the consequences of sexual abuse, her latest book, Transforming Trauma, reflects this and can take you further into what can be done to heal deeply and thoroughly on your own. Although geared to teaching health professionals how to treat PTS/trauma, it can help you understand what can and needs to be done for you.

Check out this website. You will find articles, radio plays and the podcast Dr Heather Uncensored (check out and schedule an appointment.) 

She offers both one on one as well as group treatment. An initial visit is required for groups including retreats.  

Are you struggling with anxiety and depression or any of the consequences of experiencing trauma? CUT: Maybe addiction or an autoimmune disease?

Dr Heather’s book, Transforming Trauma, a drugless and creative path to healing PTS and ACE (Adverse Childhood Events) along with her workshops and podcasts, can help.

Dr. Heather Herington’s and Dr. Alec Pekler’s Surviving a Viral Pandemic Through the Lens of a Naturopathic Medical Doctor is a no-nonsense must read for all those in search of a bona fide means to deal with the ongoing health crisis in America. Whether you’re a health professional, or someone familiar with the practice of natural medicine and its various subcategories, or one of many with an underlying medical condition, this book is for you.

She’ll school you on how natural medicine and techniques optimize your immune system. You will also want to read why natural medicine has been ignored for over a hundred years in favor of toxic alternatives.

This book is dedicated to that growing segment of the population who wants and needs to know the truth, the ins and outs of how to heal naturally

"...both timely and timeless. Whether the reader is suspicious of the high-tech interventions of the dominant healthcare system or thinks vaccines and monoclonal antibodies are great if needed, but what else can I do to keep myself safe, this is a helpful guide." Reviewed by Dr. Mary Minor MORE

"This book could be considered to be the Bible of Naturopathic medicine, written in such a way that the average citizen can get a wealth of useful information out of it to guide them safely through this pandemic." Review by Stephanie Seneff, Senior Research Scientist MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory MORE 

This book can be used for optimizing your family’s health. Written with Dr. Alec Pekler there is a complete nutritional program included.

FLAWED is a faerie tale mystery for adults, a lush journey through real and spectral worlds. Drawing on Tibetan, First Nation, and Classical mythology, it tells the story of two families: four generations, torn apart by a terrible secret.

With the hands of a healer, Herington uses her knowledge of homeopathy, botanical medicine and hallucinogens to unearth the tenuous connections between ancestors and progeny.

FLAWED touches on the use of LSD in treating alcoholism, the often fine line between artistic temperament and insanity, and the ongoing debate between allopathic medicine and traditional medicine.



Dr. Graves, We Can Heal Your Disease, is an illuminating play that challenges the current treatment options by going back to the first doctors who identified the disease.

Starring Aaron Lyons, Kristina Carlson, Heather Herington, Barbara Brighton, Florence Riggs & Goreti da Silva
Written by Heather Herington
Musical direction by Avi Gross and Florence Riggs
Sound Engineering by Maurice Gainen
Executive Producers-Avi Gross and Heather Herington