"Dr. Heather's workshop leadership embodies passion, creativity and genuine care for her participants. My experience with Heather was that she led with openness, curiosity and confidence and created a safe space in which to explore, learn, gain personal insight, and heal."
Dr. Michelle Gibson, PhD

"Dr. Heather introduced me to womb work 25 years ago. That work was so profound. What I remember most was how heavy my legs were. They felt like cement. It was my first real indication of how much wounding, how many emotions that we hold in our body. Our bodies are awesome in that capacity. But I was definitely "heavy" in those days. Full of grief and trauma. So dense I could hardly move, which was much indicated in the work I did on that weekend. If you could see me now! That 2 degree shift 25 years later resulted in the creation of a homeopathic lubricating gel, my own profession in homeopathy and in women's hormonal and vaginal health and a freedom in my body that is both juicy and yummy. If I hadn't dared to go on that retreat and participate as well as I could at that time, my life may have taken a different trajectory.”
Michelle Brockhaus, homeopath 

"I knew Dr. Herington while she had her naturopathic medical practice in Vancouver, Canada. She had a reputation as being one of the top ND's in the province of British Columbia. She was known for handling the more challenging cases and therefore had a strong referral following. Her combination of sensitivity and knowledge moved her through to the root of the problem with extraordinary results. Dr. Herington's California patients will only benefit from her experience and results."
Joanne, Paris

"Quite simply, Dr.Heather Herington, truly 'saved my life', by putting me in holistic alignment with myself. (My treatments were part psychiatry, part medicine, part science). I was reminded that my body is my biggest healer, friend, and responsibility. She is intuitive, caring, and I truly believe is a healer, not just a technician."
Denis Simpson actor/playwright

"A true healing spirit!"
Judith Maxie actor film/television

"I am a corporate whistle blower who began seeing Dr. Herington for post-traumatic stress. Dr. Herington's intuitive approach to my needs from a naturopathic standpoint gave me the support and strength of body and spirit that I so desperately needed. With her help and guidance, I have been able to begin a new life with my self-respect and dignity intact."
Joanne Carter 

"Dr. Heather offers a wonderful combination of formidable experience, the tenacity to get to the core of a health concern and true compassion. Her California patients are lucky to have her!"
Michelle Gibson, PhD, Vancouver, Canada