Experience a workshop with Dr. Heather Herington -- naturopathic medical doctor, writer and actor -- based on her new book, Transforming Trauma: a drugless and creative path to healing PTS and other conditions with trauma at the core. See below. 

Whether you are a survivor, an ally, have experienced generational trauma or are a healthcare provider, teacher or other professional looking for state of the art information to offer support, this workshop is packed with valuable tools for recovery from trauma.

Through creativity (imagination and curiosity) and facts (evidence-based natural medicine) we balance brain and body chemistry while telling or revising the story, an optimal recipe for healing.

Leaning on still point therapies, naturopathic medicine and the expressive arts we garner strength and focus to articulate our personal narrative.

Dr. Heather has specialized in PTS for over thirty years. Originally contracted by the Vancouver Archdiocese, she facilitated the retreat, "Moving to Healing" in Canada before moving to Los Angeles. Healing herself of Graves Disease, she knows that many conditions and diseases have trauma as the initial cause. Also a performer, her solo show HIDDEN tells her most significant #MeToo story with a multitude of characters and songs including "Shout Me Too!"


A Drugless and Creative Path to Healing PTS and ACE

Transform your trauma and regain control through a pharmaceutical-free approach by Dr Heather Herington

Modern medicine’s answer to post traumatic stress (PTS or PTSD) and the negative effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) has been pharmaceuticals yet associated mental health problems, including suicide, continue to increase, indicating there must be a more effective alternative.

Dr Herington, a naturopathic doctor with 30 years of experience working with survivors of traumatic events in Canada and the US, shows how a pharmaceutical-free approach that includes natural medicine, talking therapies and creative-arts solutions can enable sufferers to regain control of their lives.